Kalazaar​/​A​-​Truth​-​split ep

by Kalazaar

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released May 3, 2011

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Kalazaar Αθήνα, Greece

Kalazaar is an anarcho-punk band from Athens,Greece. The band formed in 2006.
Members: Koun-vocals,Vag-vocals,Sick Mind-bass,Kaca-drums,Bak-guitar

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Track Name: Fuck That Shit
Burn the schools that teach submission,
burn the churches that sell mind addiction,
resurection will not come from the sky,
it’s silly to believe in a religious lie.
Stand up and live,close your t.v
open your eyes,fuck that shit
Track Name: 6/12/08
The war needs promotion,
the war needs scenarios,
the war is out of control
The war to starts needs a dead boy..
Track Name: Κράτος Δολοφόνος
Το ηφαίστειο αναψε ξαφνικά,οι άνθρωποι βγήκαν,
βγήκαν απο τα κλουβιά,
ένα νεκρό παιδί η αφορμή,βγές απο την ζωή φυλακή.
Στη κοινωνία αυτη κάνεις όνειρα για τη μεγάλη αλλάγη
και μια μέρα ξαφνικά,
βρίσκεσαι με μια σφαίρα κατάστηθα.
Το κράτος δολοφονεί χωρίς παραμικρή αφορμή
Βγές απο το κλουβί,παρε τη ζωή στα χέρια σου
σφήξε τη γροθιά,χτύπα τους πολύ πιο δυνατά.

English translation:
The volcano suddenly lit up
People got out,got out of the cages
A dead boy was the reason
Get out of this prison life
In this society you dream
about a grand change
and then suddenly one day
you get a bullet in the chest
The state murders
without the slightest reason
Get out of the cage
Take your life in your own hands
Clench your fist
Hit them very hard